This is a temporary page for my newest ride - a 1986 Kawasaki Ninja 1000R, also known as the ZX1000 or
GPZ1000R in Europe.

I bought it on E-bay for $151 with the following description:

1986 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 parts bike. 14,000 miles when parked. Good for parts. Motor turns over freely, trans
shifts through all gears. Carbs dirty but open and close freely. Some plastic included, no tank. Wire harness bad
in some areas. Frame took hit, bike parked after that. Some misc. paperwork included. Manual included. Local
pick up prefered. No Reserve. $1.00 starting bid. High bidder gets it. Will not end auction early. Shipping is up to
you, will try to help where I can within reason. WIll try to add more pics later. My guess is that bike has salvage title
based misc. DMV paperwork stating salvage vehicle. Orig. title is missing. In my opinion this bike would best used
for parts.

As it turned out, a tank did come with it, and it was actually in pretty good shape overall. I've now pieced together
all of the body panels, replaced a few bent items like the rear subframe for the seats, and have a new wiring
harness on the way to replace the dog-chewed one. The tank has been acid dipped and coated and I'll pick it up
this weekend. A set of seats and some other parts are on the way from Florida. I've pulled the carbs and cleaned
all the gunk and green stinky gas out of them, just need to re-assemble them and get them on the bike.

Overall, I'm very happy with it so far. The engine appears to be in great shape. I still need to do the fork seals and
get the front brakes working. Hopefully it will live again by the end of June. The registration expired in 1991 so it's
been a long time since it's been fired. I already cranked it over and it sounds good, so hopefully.............
Here are some pics from that show the two original color schemes - black/ebony and black/red
AND, because I've always LOVED the Kawasaki Team Green color, this is my plan for painting it: Much thanks to
Shaun in England for sending extra pictures of his bike! Too bad he just sold it on E-bay........

WARNING!: These pictures are LARGE!!!!!
Update on the Ninja: I ended up selling the bike and a second parts bike I had bought for $100 to a local guy.
Sure enough, he took it home, installed the carbs and it fired right up. He made one good bike out of the two and
sold them both to someone who is now (hopefully) a happy camper.

Oh well, maybe one day when I retire.......